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What is the font of RALPH LAUREN?

20/03/2012 a las 14:53

What is the font of RALPH LAUREN?

Fuente identificada

Fenice  Sugerido por styrofoamballs 

20/03/2012 a las 15:27

It takes two seconds to forum search
I found your question answered dozens of times.
Fuente identificada: Fenice

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20/03/2012 a las 15:36


02/12/2015 a las 18:48

Who be so rude? Big deal, they posted a question that had an answer already. If it's that big of an inconvenience, then just don't answer.

02/02/2016 a las 17:12

Thank you for pointing out the rudeness. Styrofoamballs- that is completely unnecessary. Please just simply do not respond if you find a question not to your liking.

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