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Alexz Johnson - Still Alive

20/04/2020 a las 03:44

Hello! While it's certain that the "Alexz Johnson" is a font, as it was consistently used in further promotional material, the "Still Alive" one has 3 different "l" characters. It could be a font, given that the "i" looks exactly the same in both words. Anyway - can you guys give me some help? It's for fanart!

Alexz Johnson - Still Alive

Fuentes identificadas

Collection  Sugerido por jerseygirl 
Ranget  Sugerido por jerseygirl 

20/04/2020 a las 03:50

Fuente identificada: Collection

20/04/2020 a las 04:08

Thanks! The one I thought might not be a font was! LOL Can anybody else help finding the other one?

20/04/2020 a las 05:14

Fuente identificada: Ranget

20/04/2020 a las 05:23


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