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what the number under letter mean?

06/03/2012 a las 17:25

Hello there.
I want ask.
the nuber under letter mean?
some special letter. how can I type by using the number.

thanks for read my enquire.

06/03/2012 a las 17:33

If you're talking about the numbers written in the character map, it's the decimal Unicode value. Like, for "A", if you hold the "Alt" key and press "0065" in any text editor software, you'll get an "A". If you're looking for the Unicode value in a font that is installed on your computer, go to Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map, and then select the font to see the character set. Beware though, you will also be given the hexadecimal value, but just ignore it, and only use the decimal value.

Are you trying to get special characters from a font you have downloaded here ?

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