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29/02/2012 a las 18:04

Hello to everyone,

I m sure this has been asked before but I can not find it. How do I track down fonts that support various languages. For instance, I downloaded AEROSOL but it does not work in Greek, which is the language I actually need.

29/02/2012 a las 19:05

there's no way to filter foreign fonts, sorry
i think you'll find more greek fonts on commercial websites, not on free ones... some websites like

Fontshop :
Myfonts :

29/02/2012 a las 19:09


You could type your text in Greek in the custom preview field like this. So if you see the text you have written, it means the font has Greek letters. If you see anything else - nothing, shapes, squares, etc. - it means the font doesn't have Greek letters.

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29/02/2012 a las 20:25

thank you very much daaams, i tried myfont but they don't come free
and thanks drf, I ll give your suggestion a try!!

29/02/2012 a las 20:34

You can find free fonts on myfonts from time to time :

Not much, I admit, but there are some

29/02/2012 a las 20:36

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