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MTV Font

03/08/2019 a las 23:30

Used on MTV Headbangers Ball in the 90s

MTV Font

Fuente sugerida

Grunge  Sugerido por marty666 

04/08/2019 a las 14:20

not the font, but as the author says, based on it:

Grunge Bold is based on the distorted font used by MTV (mainly on 120 Minutes) from approximately 1993-1995. I've spent a long time piecing together multiple sources (recordings of 120 Minutes, etc.) in order to achieve the most accurate effect. Only if I couldn't find the character I was looking for I recreated it all the while staying true to the other characters' structure.
Fuente sugerida: Grunge

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04/08/2019 a las 17:21

Thanks Marty! Rock on

02/08/2021 a las 07:40

The original font designed for MTV came in two weights: the lighter one, as seen in that screenshot, and the bolder one, on which I based Grunge Bold off of.
I'm /still/ trying to find high-quality resources for these fonts, as I plan to remake Grunge and actually start work on Grunge Light.
Work stopped in January 2018 due to the computer I housed all of the original files corrupting itself during an update.
So although Grunge (soon to be renamed upon release of the better version I'm working on) isn't exactly what you're looking for, it's part of the same unknown font family.
Sorry this is two years late, haha.

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