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Could you help me identify the 3 fonts please?

05/07/2019 a las 14:02

Hi Guys,

I need to work on a redoing of an existing logo (with all the sources lost...) and the owner wants me to keep it as close as possible of the old one, just "modernize it".

I have been unable to find the fonts through the several tools that exist, so I'm leaving it up to you guys to help me

I would be great to identify the "europe" font, the arrow font (if you think this is a character, and the "TUNING" font.

Thank you!

Could you help me identify the 3 fonts please?

Fuentes identificadas

Planet Kosmos  Sugerido por jerseygirl 
Pricedown  Sugerido por Hubfex 

05/07/2019 a las 21:03

Fuente identificada: Planet Kosmos

05/07/2019 a las 21:26

"Tuning" font
Fuente identificada: Pricedown

08/07/2019 a las 23:53

Thank you Hubfex and Jerseygirl.

Would you have any idea for the "T" ?

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