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Font - online called Scribble (on a Dutch site)

07/03/2019 a las 19:08

Hello, I'm looking for this font. It is used on the birth card of my daughter and I want to use it on a box I'm painting right now.
I found 'Shadow into light' and 'All that Matters' as fonts, which almost look the same, but I hoped there is an identical one.
The text is written in Dutch.

Font - online called Scribble (on a Dutch site)

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Fuente identificada

Shadows Into Light  Sugerido por jerseygirl 

07/03/2019 a las 19:24

Yes, it is Shadow Into Light, the old version.
Fuente identificada: Shadows Into Light

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07/03/2019 a las 19:45

jerseygirl ha dicho  

Is it possible to find it somewhere? I'm in particular looking for the font that's not written straight, as you see in my picture.

07/03/2019 a las 19:58

I think the old one is still on Google Web Fonts:

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