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DMAX font

16/01/2019 a las 11:20

DMAX UK relaunched today and is now free-to-air.
It got a refreshed look with new font, new idents etc
Does anyone know what this font is that they're using?

DMAX font

Editado el 16/01/2019 a las 11:55 por frd

Fuente identificada

Knockout  Sugerido por HorrorGameDev 

Fuente sugerida

Railroad Gothic ATF  Sugerido por LimaD 

20/01/2019 a las 20:27


20/01/2019 a las 23:28

The number 1 was modified
Fuente sugerida: Railroad Gothic ATF

21/01/2019 a las 01:11

Looks like one of the Knockout fonts.
Fuente identificada: Knockout

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