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Font ID pls

26/11/2018 a las 12:01

Hi all. could you help me identify this please?
Also, I'm not sure if the text and the logo text are the same. They look the same, but maybe a bit stretched.
The nearest I've found is Moonhouse, but there are too many inconsistencies for me to use it instead.


Font ID pls

Fuentes identificadas

Netto  Sugerido por tomthumb 
Neuropol X  Sugerido por tomthumb 

26/11/2018 a las 13:00

premiermist - Stretched ever so slightly
Fuente identificada: Netto

Editado el 26/11/2018 a las 13:02 por tomthumb

26/11/2018 a las 13:02

Fuente identificada: Neuropol X

26/11/2018 a las 18:21

Wow, thanks Tom, that was quick. The link here won’t ipe the Netto font so I’ll find it manually and get back to you.

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