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Yu-Gi-Oh! PLease Check This Font..

15/12/2010 a las 03:56

what this font??

Yu-Gi-Oh! PLease Check This Font..

Editado el 28/01/2011 a las 07:50 por Rodolphe

Fuente sugerida

Squealer  Sugerido por 

28/01/2011 a las 00:20

I'm sure someone will make that font for you.

Okay. If I'm not mistaken, the ! is from the Squealer Font. The rest of the letters are going to be hard to find.
Fuente sugerida: Squealer

The u comes from either Squealer Regular or another font. The Y comes from a font called Lightfoot Narrow Extra-Condensed Regular, most likely. But other fonts can mimic the logo as well.

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