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Mclaren Font plz:)

13/12/2010 a las 00:56

Mclaren Font plz:)

Editado el 13/12/2010 a las 10:32 por Rodolphe

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Magistral ExtraBold Font  Sugerido por WhatFontis 

13/12/2010 a las 15:04

For c,a,r,e and n.
Fuente sugerida: Magistral ExtraBold Font

13/12/2010 a las 17:32

WhatFontis ha dicho  
For c,a,r,e and n.

I don't think so, if you see the curve of the r, thats different. And the left top curve of the n is hooked, not curved like Magistral

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