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Joell Ortiz font???

12/12/2010 a las 13:24

who knows this font?

Joell Ortiz font???

Fuente sugerida

Olde English  Sugerido por tophy52 

12/12/2010 a las 14:00

i know the logo looks like a mix of Fette Gotisch and Fette Fraktur. but the J is different.

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13/12/2010 a las 21:50

You're right for the 'oell' and 'rti' part with fette Fraktur

the z is different too
like this Gotisch SB-Bold

J and O based on Olde English, fatter
or Mariage
Fuente sugerida: Olde English

14/12/2010 a las 20:31

yeah you're right. should be a custom made J based on Mariage/Olde English.

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