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The page doesnt load

09/07/2018 a las 02:10

I need urgent help. When I hit download to download a font is takes me to a page where it is a huge column/paragraph of random signs and letters instead of showing me open in phonto. It wont let me out of it. It doesnt load the zip and gives me this:

TXjł>Ug_]y] -a?P \PFU>@G$ޮ_}B}#}jLr$gˇ$h\  lss$!L%*X[ZKLz$^ ~HNzUޯSyB-Ŀm_ 4 N  uYS;O]|'铽X۱hEG[+ }, $[j;4`(\d])ݜbü̲|s%V挱V{O3;YSW?]YQTa|>@mh}#?ޤ'闙c,d]χDŽbZ|Mjcr5fJS޶퀎q7U-δ?]s\wYqzʞS^;}շշտ Vs Dt2QR> 'R\@٭/њuvtd.P-HN D C 'm{P6c02ǘgפA.Q"\=(Ke ♶ +xͧ$է})#f'32Sj ε*K \DsEmkbF`O0}2qoYS;2iD:(fwm$%&p2oևqjbXcȵc)d총Zhmmv)n)=Zw | d@$ slD{{4pEzqǒO:tѩZ!r岩@K'J /jI(K+ z˾mkv- K%Y 1,epD@gU9W7 u,ru?qWU#CU5F/ mX,ȩAb"0t ZJ`MX 2E/~ ,_| d7/sfSm #N&0=-Il䎧O@%_e wgoUwOWh6`|lb1 <+1dDby/2X]>9+ g>ި5M:yQiSÉļ֎^ C%h(/kzucez 4 JӟkZ$` 0rN[w!hH ϟES^0k+·#Xfнo_uiuOԮ"1sG[ @3@d+v?;QcghSTMe,ul 24NÏLix#;_m'xv͋]f( 4kMYֽ.8:gT=pDl5QsR'8l{e$Y<F$š̰AO~?4{Ѻ'4WY?MAC$b{f9i `h+$>i'b^!TfKEqu9g/Iw-J0`Mnw9M" <xMkVN$\<J0z9+b E%ݙGޥ\Q@"`xlk\%n- _~=4+Wv޷lJv'7GׯirnmRu;O=v{q|-~6\,E@$\MGmSmɖ/Ou~ES&zb2Lcs6eT M&H侢yw~e&.zOڦf |:НjW͈}#  }+/~_Yf`T)N;؇ 20 հjÙbs6jxöy\:y"+=*V <]ʡ"2uW ע&O>lTx4\!p A}2 $_`,!N?5y$ $%ǧpH$@"lQ,b\/Ur/A5ϰ& ¦ {d0Z@"(XU2@ʊd 6GS4>ne )uW@b!u6$ҥfoųN?R]$%wXHʟtI|pRJk+.K 3 Z;o8`~YXqߍWag&IsR%gޡahX~ 9`6JET [%!iw=?ȖnpG=h}75x_E:&8eZzMAJ+vd 3Kd;yb2a>XEbkM8#`8^q4 6<tkkVxYtM,i]Up[ŝr UD?Bc%6n5a/6{ẑp$AbȓwW/'Dz-rI@0iY]Z,Cg`|0Ѹt !D醃i1,FRÙV̟+-!xtHV=3ϏaNΛ;\t> D/!OKWIZ9_ !5ү0 Эޔ{}x?~L `&00b*M<F6>afjagq>@&++X !0PmIL,CU;C*9ӻ\w!ZAfmVAn5=@d$k P^N YeVzOOHdhI5R^- %ܐΗ/ klsmSΎ 7# ?q6#^7,l`GտJV'8K,!zcDc AC0y5Y>̪N^a<* ݁5OXFG9Y$&*Y9O2hfs=ViZ #ZN,g Grt[b*=s}IJ]u 8[ɞ?y.xZR%o8@ӄ GVLo8ђy xwPCdY8u-1AfM{3Z@@Y=9 42J(>`ye7-"l"A љ ʀ_z-%oHjHðup sb=;\59q,Gj{ 9ݴeŁ񘾬ZK12mLꘒ me212kD#%<@ ?4CqhcX

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09/07/2018 a las 08:58

The link you gave points directly to the ZIP file containing the font "Just Signature".
The problem is not on dafont, it's probably somewhere on your handheld device (as it seems you're not using a computer)

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