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Does someone know this font?

24/06/2018 a las 21:10

Hi, does somebody know this font? The exclamation mark looks like a sword and the question mark looks like a sickle.
I think, I found it a while ago on dafont, but can't neither remember the name nor re-find it.

Would be happy if you could help me out with this one.

Does someone know this font?

Editado el 25/06/2018 a las 11:04 por frd

Fuente identificada

Pieces of Eight  Sugerido por jerseygirl 

24/06/2018 a las 22:07

MEMOREEE ha dicho  
the question mark looks like a sickle.

You're not a pirate fan, I guess
Fuente identificada: Pieces of Eight

24/06/2018 a las 23:23

Omg, how embarrassing, I just realised. xD
Thanks for helping out! And what's that word for the question mark thing instead of sickle in English?

24/06/2018 a las 23:32

Not embarassing at all, it does look kind of like a sickle. But this is a pirate font -- so in this case, I think it's a pirate's hook .

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