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I'm new to the group. Please help everyone

12/05/2018 a las 10:00

Furthermore, my customer already has a website displaying that font, but all i can find in the css is a regular font-family property. There doesn't seem to be any @font-face. This would mean any user's browser would display a different font when the one intended isn't installed in his font library. Yet it does display the right font on a computer where the font is not installed. I don't know why this is or maybe i'm just missing something.

13/05/2018 a las 09:14

It seems your message was cut.
Half the infos are missing.

"furthermore" => Why furthermore ? You don't say anything before that
"that font" => which "that" font ?
"a website" => please be more vague, "a website" is really too precise

What is your real question?

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