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DIlbertfont2 broken?

10/05/2018 a las 16:24

I've downloaded Dilbertfont2 a couple of times and all it shows is question marks instead of letters. I've installed it correctly on my Mac (and then removed them since they don't work). Anyone else having this trouble? Any fixes?

10/05/2018 a las 17:41

10/05/2018 a las 18:53

I tried that with Font Book and it says "3 serious problems were found. Do not use these fonts."

11/05/2018 a las 02:00


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11/05/2018 a las 02:21

I tried Type Lite . I don't know what it did but if fixed the problem. I saved the font as .ttf file and it installed just fine. I don't know why since that was the type of file it was before. So, many thinks for the tip!!!

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