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How to report someone who stole your font?

05/05/2018 a las 09:46

Hi! So I made this font by compiling the handwriting of a person. Not all letters were available so I did a custom handwriting on the other letters. I also did some alterations.

Then, I uploaded it on Tumblr. I decided not to upload it here on because it is a handwriting of another person (mostly). But then someone uploaded it on this website.

Now, I don't know if...

a)I have the right to report that person and;
b)I don't know how to report such case on

06/05/2018 a las 15:55

what font are you talking about?

06/05/2018 a las 16:06

Hi! Thanks for replying.

The name of the font is "Taylor Swift Handwriting". Here's the link:

Here's the link to my original post of the font on Tumblr:

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