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2 fonts

11/01/2012 a las 04:07

Any idea what these 2 fonts are?

2 fonts

Fuentes identificadas

Fontdinerdotcom  Sugerido por frd 
Sister Frisky  Sugerido por tutta 

11/01/2012 a las 10:33

Fuente identificada: Fontdinerdotcom

14/01/2012 a las 06:44

Still missing the font for My Mom people...

15/01/2012 a las 18:02

Don't try to do duplicate topics, just "up" your old one

15/01/2012 a las 18:06

I did up my old one, but you marked it as having been found.. It wasn't found, only 1 of them was. It was a different photo without the "Shoots" in it so people didn't get confused as to which one I was still looking for. I know I don't try to find fonts for people that are highlighted in green because it seemingly has been found...

15/01/2012 a las 18:07

I would delete this one and just put up the one with the font I am looking for but its not an option to delete it..

15/01/2012 a las 18:10

Let me know how to delete this one or get rid of the green outline showing its been found and I will do it

15/01/2012 a las 18:49

Usually, we ask people for just one font identification at a time, but you wouldn't be the first, and won't be the last to ask for two. That's ok though, as far as I'm concerned, two is still good. It happens that people ask for 5, 6 fonts - I believe the record is 17 fonts in one topic Anyway, yes, this topic is marked as "solved" because one - correct - answer was given, as that's how it usually works. People who ask for several fonts can just "up" their requests, even if it's marked as solved, no problem about that. So, you just say "hey folks, I'm still looking for the other one" and that's good, still as far as I'm concerned.

Deleting the subject isn't really an option. Imagine if someone is looking for the same font, this might be helpful to him/her.

15/01/2012 a las 18:52

Ok, thanks for the answer... Hopefully someone will be able to help. I have been looking but I can't seem to find it...

15/01/2012 a las 19:04

I think "My Mom people" font look likes SISTER FRISKY font
Fuente identificada: Sister Frisky

Editado el 15/01/2012 a las 19:07 por drf_

15/01/2012 a las 19:07

That's it!! Thank you! How in the world did you ever find it?

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