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19/02/2018 a las 08:18

I am RGames.
I want to find some fonts for imscared.
Imscared is a pixelated horror game.
So, I want to find the fonts from the game to use in my own little thing.

(bottom text says: Press E to begin the experience)


Fuentes identificadas

8 Bit Wonder  Sugerido por Twentyoneg 
Chopin Script  Sugerido por frd 

20/02/2018 a las 18:19

Fuente identificada: 8 Bit Wonder

21/02/2018 a las 06:08

Twentyoneg ha dicho  
8 Bit Wonder

Thanks a lot dude!
If you could also find the other fonts, that would also be great.
But if you dont want to, its fine.

21/02/2018 a las 11:54

The bottom font
Fuente identificada: Chopin Script

22/02/2018 a las 06:04

frd ha dicho  
The bottom font

Chopin Script

Thanks a lot frd!
The last thing I need to know is the middle font.
You dont need to find it if you dont want to, but you can if you wish.

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