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Need a font made

07/01/2012 a las 18:55

Hi all, im setting up a shop and for the past 15 years had what my shop name is and how it looks in my head, i have been through every font on here and other sites and cant find one that is quite right. Is anyone out there willing to help me create it if i send a drawing. Need it done as the shop sign makers say it needs to be a font type?!!! not from a drawing. Thanks Claire

08/01/2012 a las 11:17

I'd do it if you pay me.

27/01/2012 a las 05:47

Plenty of people are willing to design a font for you for the right $. You may want to post a picture or link to a picture of the font style you are looking for. That will help narrow it down and get you a better response from people with the right skillset.

30/01/2012 a las 09:25

grave digger

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