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"Murder" Font (Horror type)

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24/01/2018 a las 16:04

6 Months ago I started creating a logo for an upcoming video series.
Back then, this was all I had. The planning of the series got paused
due familiar problems of the storywriter, and everything was shut down.
Now the series is getting produced again, and I didnt save my fonts when
I was resetting my pc. Please help me, I searched for half an hour now and
didnt find it.. PS: If you randomly now the "Mystery" font too... Well

"Murder" Font (Horror type)

Editado el 24/01/2018 a las 17:22 por usuario eliminado 933482

Fuentes identificadas

Monsters Attack!  Sugerido por Twentyoneg 
Lumos  Sugerido por jerseygirl 

24/01/2018 a las 16:13

Fuente identificada: Monsters Attack!

24/01/2018 a las 18:35

made bolder
Fuente identificada: Lumos

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