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Anyone interested in making a hybrid medieval/modern font for a game project?

08/01/2018 a las 18:43


I'm looking for a hobbyist who would be interested in making us a font for an indie game project and thus becoming an immortal font making legend when we sell trillions of copies of our game. People will be stopping you on the streets "Wow, are you THE guy who made the fonts for Rituals of the old??! I can't believe it! Can I have your autograph??"

- Medieval/modern hybrid font. Stylish + clear legibility.
- Generally we're looking for something similar in style as the book font in Elder scrolls: Skyrim (refer to:
- UTF8.
- TTF.
- Normal, bold, italic and bold italic.
- Normal characters, numbers, special symbols, common european etc accented letters.
- We need full exclusive copyrights to the font.
- Can't be a font that already exists and has been sold/is in distribution.

We have near 0$ budget for the project so while compensation is certainly possible and negotiable please don't bother contacting us with really expensive offers, we simply can't afford that. We would like to see some of your previous work when contacted. Include also your price - if any - for the whole thing, no sketchy hourly prices with unknown hours, please, we won't agree to a per hour pricing.

Might have additional similar jobs and other more interesting and cool stuff if we work well together.

If interested or if you wish for additional information send me a private message or contact us directly through email. You can find our email address on our game studio website:

Game website:


Poika Pilvimaa
Star and Serpent

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09/01/2018 a las 04:30

Un chausson avec ša ?

09/01/2018 a las 11:47

claudeserieux ha dicho  
Un chausson avec ša ?

Et un peignoir, merci.

09/01/2018 a las 14:34

I'm looking for someone interested in making an indie game for me, almost for free, I can give some peanuts in case.

09/01/2018 a las 14:37

Youssef Habchi ha dicho  
I'm looking for someone interested in making an indie game for me, almost for free, I can give some peanuts in case.

I would recommend or some similar site for that.

14/01/2018 a las 11:13

Thank you for everyone who contacted us! We are no longer in need of typographist.

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