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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Font?

07/11/2017 a las 19:21

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Font?

Fuente sugerida

Friz Quadrata  Sugerido por Parker76 

31/10/2019 a las 18:32

I'm wondering this as well, for both the "Middle-Earth" and the "Shadow Of Mordor" which appear different.

02/02/2024 a las 14:19

For the 'Shadow of Mordor' text -- I think that this is a *heavily heavily* customized version of Friz Quadrata. For the M and W, they took the letter A, and cut it up to make those letters. They also cutoff various parts of other letters, to get the custom look they were wanting.
Fuente sugerida: Friz Quadrata

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