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Left 4 Dead beta sign? (Dollas Store)

06/10/2017 a las 13:09

Trying to find the font used on this sign from an old Left 4 Dead beta video, I know you guys say zoomed/crappy jpeg posts will be deleted but this is really the best that it can get being as it's from a video filmed in 2007.

I've tried many other places so I'm hoping you peeps at Dafont can give me a hand, thanks a bunch guys and here's to hoping this post isn't immediately taken down.

Left 4 Dead beta sign? (Dollas Store)

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Alba  Sugerido por Twentyoneg 

06/10/2017 a las 13:33

Fuente identificada: Alba

07/10/2017 a las 02:17

You're the man, Twentyoneg!

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