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Need this font please

28/11/2010 a las 12:34


Need this font please

Editado el 28/11/2010 a las 18:05 por Rodolphe

Fuente identificada

Bubble Gum  Sugerido por vinz 

28/11/2010 a las 21:06

need help

29/11/2010 a las 00:55

don't up your thread, it's useless (and boring)

29/11/2010 a las 15:27

Looks like this one but slighlty flattened
Fuente identificada: Bubble Gum

29/11/2010 a las 15:32

I think it's not flattened but used with a contour effect.

29/11/2010 a las 15:37

*By flattened i meant horizontally streched. I wasn't talking about the effect.

02/03/2011 a las 22:38

So I need this font for a project and I'm trying to locate the Author and I'm having no luck. Is this font free? Do you need a release or license to use this font? Please let me know.

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