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anybody knows this fonts?

25/11/2010 a las 14:23

thanks for Your answers!

anybody knows this fonts?

Fuente identificada

Cocon Regular  Sugerido por vinz 

25/11/2010 a las 14:32

Fuente identificada: Cocon Regular

25/11/2010 a las 15:30

thank You !

25/11/2010 a las 15:44

I guess someone will soon arrive in this thread, and will say "I'M SURE IT'S HARABARA !!!"

26/11/2010 a las 01:51

I wish I could "Like" a comment on here. (^daaams)

27/11/2010 a las 14:34

ha ha =)
i should also have posted my comment here :

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