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Times Modern - seeking typeface!

05/11/2016 a las 12:36


I have been asked by my university to generate a mock journalistic piece in the style of the Times newspaper (London).

I am seeking a typeface to approximate it... having done some research I note that the current typeface is Times Modern, generated by Prowse & Brody in 2006.

Does anyone know of a similar one that can be bought / gained for free online?

I've also considered EF Times Modern, but it would appear this has been removed from market.

Thanks for your help!

07/11/2016 a las 10:44

Times New Roman.
Installed on all Windows (I'm sure you have a frend with a Wondows on his PC).

If you understand french speeking :

07/11/2016 a las 11:05

Haha thank you, I am well familiar with times new roman and am using it as a substitute.

Times modern is not quite the same and was looking to make it look identical to the newsprint.

07/11/2016 a las 14:58

There is a lot of confusion about the TimesModern as there are several with the same name but all slightly different.
Which one are you after?
The ones (Regular and Bold) The Times is using at the moment for its on-line pages can be found through their /d/449/styles/main.min.css file as .ttf, .woff and .woff2. These are very simplified letter shapes, look at the rudimentary serifs, and imho can not have much in common with the font used for print. But I can not check that as The Times is not sold within 250 km from here.
Both .ttf files show an error message when opened with Windows font viewer and must be opened and then saved again in a font editor to overcome this. Whether the same goes for an apple I don't know.
The one you mention as made by Elsner&Flake is not for sale anymore but it's offsprings are having a good time out there in the wild. It may be a font that is close to the one used by The Times for print. But then, may be not.

So best first tell us which version you are after. And if that happens to be the print one then scan a few headings and post them here. You can use the bbc [IMG] code.

07/11/2016 a las 15:27

Thank you for your response. I'm not hugely design savvy, though I do know a bit about computers and coding. For this I apologise - I may need you to walk me through it a bit.

Do you mean to say you can extract a font from the css? I am editing the document in illustrator, so this where I'll need to import it.

The font on the front website page looks passable, though I see what you mean about the serifs.

I will need a heading + body + the sans serif byline text.

This one here has a good summary of what I'm looking for:

I found some pre-scanned versions on the internet (sorry they are big):

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07/11/2016 a las 15:50

07/11/2016 a las 17:01

buddy85 ha dicho  
... Do you mean to say you can extract a font from the css? I am editing the document in illustrator, so this where I'll need to import it. ...

No. In the source of the web-page a css file is mentioned. Open that css file and search for times and you will find a link to where the font(s) is(are) located on the The Times website.
Exactly the same principle as when you were to include a font on a web-page you were making.

The images you are showing seem to be copies from the web site of The Times. Is that what you are after? Or do you want the font the newspaper actually uses for printing?
If so, go to a news stand. Buy The Times. Scan some headings and some body copy in high quality. 300 dpi minimal and post those scans.

Only then we can see the difference between the two and which font comes closest to the print version.

07/11/2016 a las 17:07

Thanks again.

I have scanned in a page as instructed but have no web server / site to post the scan to. Any suggestions?

07/11/2016 a las 17:24

07/11/2016 a las 17:25

wow! looks good to me!

how do i go about getting at it and the bold?

07/11/2016 a las 18:28

07/11/2016 a las 18:59

my word, you're geniuses! i can't thank you enough.

07/11/2016 a las 23:31

Claude, buddy, uses Which site is in french.

07/11/2016 a las 23:35

08/11/2016 a las 04:58

Plus simple avec un editeur de pdf

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