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31/10/2016 a las 02:39

I was wondering, I need a font for one letter only. I know my boss will not pay for a font for one letter. Would it be legal for someone with the font to type the letter I need, in Coraldraw or Adobe Illustrator, and convert it or outlines or curves and save as a pdf and email it to me?

31/10/2016 a las 09:58

No, it's not legal.

31/10/2016 a las 11:24

ask you boss, but i'm pretty sure that if I need something badly, he will not give it to me for free.

31/10/2016 a las 15:49

How come, Menhir and Daaams, you still believe these stupid ways to get a font for free?

No!!! it is not me that wants a font for free!!! I would personally never ask for that!!! It is my boss who wants it but does not want to pay!!! It is my boss who makes me ask it!!! Not me!!! My boss tells me so, therefore I have to. For you know, Befehl ist Befehl!!!

So clueless (how appropriate a name), next time, though it is hard, think.

31/10/2016 a las 23:42

koeiekat there is no need to be hateful. I was not trying to get a font for free. I just had a question since I only need 1 letter. My boss was not making me ask, I just know him and he would not pay for a font for one letter.

01/11/2016 a las 11:48

Well, excuse me clueless. So it was not your boss who told you to do it. You did it all by yourself. Knowing that your boss would not want to pay for other peoples work so he/she can make more money him/her self. Or did you just assume so? And did you also assume that someone somewhere would type that letter with that typeface and turn the outcome into a PDF and then send it to you for free?
So it is not only your boss who, you assume, wants to live of someone else's pocket. It is you too.

Tell me clueless, is Tennessee really the state of little cheats and thieves as rumor has it?

01/11/2016 a las 22:43

It was just a question. What is your problem?

01/11/2016 a las 23:05

My problem?
My problem is that there are people around that show no respect whatsoever for the work done by others.
My problem is that there are people around that just take anything they want without considering that it is someone else's property.
My problem is that there are people around that think that that is normal.

My problem is that there are people around that that have no clue what they are doing and then proudly name themselves clueless. How dumb can one get?

Ever thought about that making a good usable font can take months, working many hours a day? Guaranteed not. As thinking requires having a clue ... and you, clueless, don't have a clue.

01/11/2016 a las 23:51

You know what you do not know me and have assumed you do. I just asked a question. I just wanted to verify what I thought was correct, that it could not be done. I did not mean to offend anyone. You on the other had SEEM TO enjoy being rude and hostile to people. I am sorry I upset you. Again I WAS NOT TRYING TO GET A FONT FREE!!! So have a nice day. I will never bother you again. so please stop calling me names

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