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dafont doesnt display all characters

14/11/2011 a las 11:03

hi everyone.

I recently updated my font with more characters like numbers. the file is an OTF but dafont doesn't display all characters.
is it a problem from dafont or is it my font?


14/11/2011 a las 11:08

we actually can see the numbers in the link you provided
probably you weren't patient enough, and the website was not already updated
anyway, nice font !!

14/11/2011 a las 11:18

hi daaams. ah, miraculous. it was only a browser cache mistake. now its fine :-)
thanks for your reply andyour compliment.

14/11/2011 a las 12:32

that's normal, it's a good job
the font is really clean, readable (even with that lower/uppercases mix), and almost complete (what about the , #, & and @ ?) !

Editado el 14/11/2011 a las 12:35 por daaams

14/11/2011 a las 12:34

i didn't install it because i don't need it now, but on your website you say : "the spaces between the single letters must be corrected by indesign"
it means you didn't work on the kerning aspect of the font ?

14/11/2011 a las 13:26

in the current version is the kerning a bit better. but it could be that some characters have bad spaces. sorry for that.
, #, & and @ will come in version 3. :-) in particular & and @ are difficult but possible.

14/11/2011 a las 13:29

ok, cool, thank you for clearing these points !

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