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Vintage font

14/10/2016 a las 19:42

What font is this? Please I need this font or similar ^_^

Vintage font

Fuentes sugeridas

Santa's Sleigh  Sugerido por donshottype 
Connie  Sugerido por donshottype 

14/10/2016 a las 19:49

I don't know if that's an actual font cause there's one different "h" than the others

14/10/2016 a las 20:42

Yes, it's a handwriting text but I was wondering if anyone knows any similar font

14/10/2016 a las 20:57

Handlettered -- note minor differences in repeating letters _f_, _r_, _e_ etc. -- in a monoline style of circa 1900.
Santa's Sleigh has a similar style.
Fuente sugerida: Santa's Sleigh

14/10/2016 a las 21:00

Thank you! ♥

14/10/2016 a las 21:29

Also note the similarities of some letters to Erattic Outline, circa. 1900.
AFAIK it has not been made into a digital font.

14/10/2016 a las 21:35

Some similar letters in Connie
Fuente sugerida: Connie

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