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Font for " River Forest"?

08/10/2016 a las 17:40


Font for " River Forest"?

Fuente sugerida

ARB-66 Neon JUN-37  Sugerido por donshottype 

08/10/2016 a las 21:01

Tourist post card from the 1940s, or possibly the 1950s. Earliest date is 1942, when Brush Script, used on the postcard for the word _Illinois_ was produced as a font.

The words _RIVER FOREST_ are custom and there is no font from the era that is reasonable match.
Heavy boxy lettering was fashionable in the 1940s.

The lettering of Alf Becker was particularly influential in the 1940s.
Check out, for example, his alphabet of the month published in June 1937.
Versions of it have been made into fonts by The Fontry [see link below] and by Letterhead Fonts, as LHF Pipeline

Either font could be edited to make a match.
Fuente sugerida: ARB-66 Neon JUN-37

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09/10/2016 a las 07:37

thank you very much for this information

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