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28/03/2010 a las 01:44

hi is great..I try to find nice fonts to create stitch data from. Itsa nice industry resource in general.
Here are some of the fonts I create

The forum seems quiet..perhaps because its new

Are there economical programs available to create TTF's?? Sometimes I create original styles, and I can get the vector graphic to Coreldraw...I was thinking it may have something to create fonts..What do others use in general?

17/04/2010 a las 15:27

Hello nevi,
As far as software goes, I'd recommend typetool from is their bare bones model font editor but still has some nice features I like about fontlab.
If you are going to get serious about making fonts or plan on selling them I would highly recommend you save your money up and just buy the fontlab package.
Just for the ability to copy and paste from adobe illustrator to and from fontlab it was worth it to me alone.

Concerning the embroidery stitch patterns you all create from freeware fonts, I recomend you always contact the owner of the font copyright to find out if they allow it.
I recently had issues with people selling reconverted font data of one of my freeware fonts.
as such I added a clause to my licensing agreement for all my new fonts making it perfectly clear I do not allow resale of my fonts converted into any other formats without buying the licensing rights to do so.
Rather than selling items they created with my font which would have been perfectly fine for the licensing of that font, they were selling my font converted into another format,which was not allowed.

Best regards,
Larry E. Yerkes - aka. WolfBainX

17/04/2010 a las 21:18

Apart from what WolfBain wrote - and is an advice you should take very seriously there is another affordable font making program. If your OS is Windows you may also want to have a look at Fontcreator from

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