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Is Hand of Sean Broken?

11/11/2011 a las 18:00

I just tried to download the fabulous Hand of Sean font and it looks like the file is corrupt - You can't unzip it to install it

I ended up getting it from another site, fontriver.

Please check the file and replace if appropriate



Mr Grimsdale

12/11/2011 a las 09:49

Works fine for me

12/11/2011 a las 11:28

When I try to unzip my font, I get an error message. or
When I try to unzip my font, I get a message saying the zip file is empty. or
When I try to unzip my font, I'm prompted to enter a password.

All of these errors indicate the same thing: that the downloaded file is incomplete, probably due to a hiccup in your internet connection. The solution is to try downloading the font again. If you're on wireless you should definitely try plugging directly in.

15/11/2011 a las 09:05

Fair enough. Since making the original forum posting I tried downloading it on a pc which has a direct internet connection and it worked ok. It just seemed a bit odd to me at the time as it did the same thing 3 times in a row, so I (wrongly) assumed there may be a fault with the link. Thought I'd better make sure anyway. Thanks for posting a reply.


Mr Grimsdale

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