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Down load fonts?

26/03/2010 a las 12:56

Can I download all the fonts of this website in a single zip?
Something wrong with the download links ??

Deers PerB

26/03/2010 a las 13:16

the answer to your first question can be read here :
but as you can see, download links are dead, because mininova cleaned their databases one or two months ago.

anyway you can try this pack, it seems it was made in october 2009

27/03/2010 a las 11:52

Ok thank you, I've updated the FAQ.

love this page -->

(well, the responses )

27/03/2010 a las 15:23

ha ha la réponse à dreamworks ! =)))

27/03/2010 a las 15:42

Wé, mais ça vaut pas celle à Linotype (surtout pour la mise en forme)

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27/03/2010 a las 15:58

haha oui je la mate là, j'l'avais pas vue ! =)

11/04/2010 a las 14:21

Try this:

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