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Vintage again...

14/11/2010 a las 15:30

I found a beautiful font on internet but the image and the related font (candy font) are not the same.
Can you help me ... it's definitely the font I need for my website !

Vintage again...

Fuente identificada

Candy Script  Sugerido por tonish 

14/11/2010 a las 15:36

Finally after another look I think it's "candy script" ... but in the picture they're adding a lot of loops for each letter !
Fuente identificada: Candy Script

14/11/2010 a las 15:46

These are not added loops, these are extra characters (probably OpenType features)
Click on Characters here

14/11/2010 a las 16:35

thank you rodolphe, I did'nt know what was the "opentype"... you're right, the loops are the consequences of features and ligatures of the font.
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