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Name of this font?

24/10/2011 a las 20:36

Name of this font?

Probablemente no es una fuente

Fuentes sugeridas

Fender  Sugerido por 
Strato  Sugerido por 

24/10/2011 a las 20:50

As far as I know, "Fender" is a custom made logo, not a font.

Fender Font is your font. It is available at [REMOVED]
Fuente sugerida: Fender

Editado el 10/01/2015 a las 11:16 por drf

The link I posted was for a free font that was made based on the Fender font. It is not an illegal font.

Please do not remove the link. It really irritates me.

11/01/2015 a las 09:39

The link you posted was giving away a copy of a commercial font for free, which is why it was removed. Links that this will always be removed.

11/01/2015 a las 11:31

Thorough research again produced a perfect match.

That Fender font is nothing but a renamed Brush Script e Italic (1993 Monotype) with a few changes in the F, e and r. And that renaming was done very clumsy, throughout the naming section the original Monotype name and copyright notice is visible.
If you steal do it well. Don't leave all those traces.

I did not steal it. I found the font. It was on [link removed]

Editado 2 veces. Última edición el 12/01/2015 a las 09:18 por drf

I found another font, and this one is NOT a "Brush Script Italic". And it's not "stolen" either. It's on Fontspace.
It was created by Bastien Sozoo.
Fuente sugerida: Strato

12/01/2015 a las 08:15

Strato is yet another useless font. All ascenders and descenders are clipped.

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