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what font

21/10/2011 a las 20:56

i know its pro combat but anything close to the numbers out there?? or even the Pitt logo?

what font

24/10/2011 a las 13:41

It's a custom NIke font but some guys at thecreamer boards have made them as a .png.

24/10/2011 a las 17:46

so u cant download the ones his made because its not showin up on the website

24/10/2011 a las 18:22

You have to log in but I hosted them on my photobucket. Feel free to save theses. If I get to it I will do this one on fontstruct and post it here on

24/10/2011 a las 18:40

any way you can get the m. state vector?? it wont open for me

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