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Anyone know the font in this one please?

29/03/2016 a las 02:38

Hi there, my computer crashed and I lost all my font for my sign making program!
I am trying to find them all and am stumped on quite a few of them.
Anyone know the script font in this one please?

Anyone know the font in this one please?

Fuentes identificadas

Amazone  Sugerido por fonatica 
Palatino Bold  Sugerido por jerseygirl 

29/03/2016 a las 02:44

Fuente identificada: Amazone

29/03/2016 a las 02:52

Thank you! I have so many more to find out but dont want to clog the forum!!

29/03/2016 a las 05:46

Fuente identificada: Palatino Bold

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