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Help me find this font !

09/11/2010 a las 05:59

What is the font of the word "MINOR THREAT" ?

Help me find this font !

Fuente identificada

Filler (Flyer Pack - House Industries)  Sugerido por damz 

09/11/2010 a las 11:25

2 differents R / 2 differents T.
It seems to be handwritten.

09/11/2010 a las 13:28

Yeah, it's hand-drawn.
But House Industries released a pack with fonts inspired by 80's hardcore bands, such as Minor Threat, Circle jerks, Suicidal, Vandals,...
By the way, Filler is the font representing Minor Threat

09/11/2010 a las 23:13

any free ones ?

10/11/2010 a las 00:32


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