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Deadpool Font

07/02/2016 a las 23:21

What's the font used to write the words "The name's pool. Deadpool"? I believe it's the same font used in every other Deadpool movie advertisement. If you also know the name of the font used to write "DEADPOOL", please tell me (I don't think it's a font though)

Deadpool Font

Fuentes identificadas

Rogue Hero  Sugerido por eVaan13 
Molot  Sugerido por Lodrilo 

Fuente sugerida

Deadpool Movie  Sugerido por cine1fz 

07/02/2016 a las 23:59

Don't know the one for "The name's pool..."
Fuente identificada: Rogue Hero

08/02/2016 a las 00:02

Fuente identificada: Molot

01/05/2017 a las 17:05

Fuente sugerida: Deadpool Movie

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