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What is the NFL font?

08/11/2010 a las 16:27

Does anyone know the font used in the NFL logo and/or in various NFL branding? If so, where can I download it? I have uploaded a picture of the front cover of a brochure that uses this font, if you want to see the NFL logo just google it.

What is the NFL font?

Fuente identificada

Brochure : Freshman  Sugerido por damz 

Fuentes sugeridas

Logo : Tabac G4 Bold  Sugerido por damz 
Logo : Aachen  Sugerido por damz 

08/11/2010 a las 18:40

main type of the poster : Freshman
Fuente identificada: Brochure : Freshman

Editado el 08/11/2010 a las 18:48 por daaams

08/11/2010 a las 18:47

For the following logo (which is the one currently on you could start from Tabac G4 Bold

Fuente sugerida: Logo : Tabac G4 Bold

08/11/2010 a las 18:48

or Aachen
Fuente sugerida: Logo : Aachen

08/11/2010 a las 19:12

Thank you so much everyone, very useful, it's for my graphics A-level project

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