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Looking for 2 fonts

27/11/2015 a las 16:08

Hi, I'm looking for the names of these two fonts. I don't have a bigger image, sorry.
Someone can help, please ?

Looking for 2 fonts

Fuentes identificadas

Alba  Sugerido por Heron2001 
Foo  Sugerido por Heron2001 

27/11/2015 a las 22:04

Gaston Rahier
Fuente identificada: Alba

27/11/2015 a las 22:05

Fuente identificada: Foo

29/11/2015 a las 16:53

Thank you so much !

29/11/2015 a las 16:55

You are very welcome. May I make one request - larger images next time - lol -

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