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Just submited my first font

05/10/2011 a las 00:37

& I can't wait to see it live (not that i'm sure it will go live on the site, but boy would that rock)

I do have a question for those of you who are published font creators (is that even right?) - how many fonts are too many?
I've created a little over 120 over the past few years for my own personal use and i'm ready to share them publicly online, so I'm wondering if there's a limit to how many quality fonts the same user can submit to dafont?

I would hate to be considered a spammer or something for submitting about 40 of my best fonts.


05/10/2011 a las 02:49

There's really no limit acctually...

05/10/2011 a las 02:59

The webmaster will appreciate that you send him the fonts a dozen by week for example...

05/10/2011 a las 15:12

Thanks for the feedback guys
Will wait to how long it takes for my first one to get approved (if at all) and the process, what it looks like live on the site so I can tailor the rest better for submission!

06/10/2011 a las 09:42

I think the limite is not a question of quantity but quality.

07/10/2011 a las 14:56

Well here's a look at the first one I submitted, it's not at all one of my best but one I randomly uploaded from my collection of custom fonts. I have a few already selling well on myfonts but I really want to add more to the free font community by sharing my script set on here.

Kerning is relatively tight but I intentionally kept it slightly uneven - what handwriting is perfect you know?

10/10/2011 a las 10:25

Stoked to see my font up - now submitting a half dozen more for this week

@Menhir - don't worry, all are topnotch!

10/10/2011 a las 13:54

Wow, 120 fonts. Look forward to seeing some of them.

10/10/2011 a las 17:52

Hi Jeremy, def stay tuned - I am very excited about sharing them all.
I uploaded 2 more script-hrandwriting fonts for today and i'll start uploading some of my more unique sets starting tomorrow, I think i'll go for batches of 5 a day so I don't end up overwhelming whoever checks/moderates them all

Here's a look at the one of the 2 new fonts I uploaded today (hopefully they make the cut and get accepted)

10/10/2011 a las 21:14

What are you - successfully - selling on Myfonts?

11/10/2011 a las 16:47

koeiekat ha dicho  
What are you - successfully - selling on Myfonts?

Not here to promote my 2 commercial fonts

Having said that, just uploaded a new one to share, plus will be uploading a dingbat and 3 handwritten fonts by the end of the day to conclude the 5 a day i plan to add (until admins/mods tell me to slow down hehe)

11/10/2011 a las 18:50

TheKat wonders ...

11/10/2011 a las 21:05

Unknown as well as the boldLOUD fonts are now available for you guys to download

More coming soon for sure!

(i'm sure Kat has better things to occupy her/his time with )

11/10/2011 a las 21:41

Now, what makes The Kat wonder why you don't reveal which are the fonts you say you sell (successfully) on Myfonts?

12/10/2011 a las 11:09

i must say i am just as curious as Kat

12/10/2011 a las 11:34

BoldLoud has almost no punctuation, and no punctuation at all for Unknown ?
come on... quantity is not job #1

12/10/2011 a las 11:40

Lets assume I never even mentioned myfonts. Cheers.

Daaams, those were done a while back from my own personal projects, I had no use for the punctuation at the time.
I'll be updating both soon enough with full punctuation etc, no worries

12/10/2011 a las 12:03

great !

12/10/2011 a las 20:23

shichiro ha dicho  
... I have a few already selling well on myfonts ...

shichiro ha dicho  
Not here to promote my 2 commercial fonts ...

shichiro ha dicho  
Lets assume I never even mentioned myfonts. ...

mumble, mumble, mumble ...

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