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"UPDATE" Armstrong font

18/11/2015 a las 14:43

"UPDATE" Armstrong font

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Century Condensed Bold  Sugerido por claudeserieux 
Keynote  Sugerido por donshottype 
Niagara Solid  Sugerido por donshottype 

18/11/2015 a las 15:14

???? Bold Condensed .... Example : Century Bold Consensed
Fuente sugerida: Century Condensed Bold

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18/11/2015 a las 16:49

Clock faces almost always use custom designs for their numerals, whether Arabic, Roman or other.

Finding fonts with Roman Numerals turns out to be not so easy.

However you can use the capital letters _I_,_V_ and _X_ to make a facsimile of them.
Several narrow fonts would work, including FSKeyNote.

So far no fonts with the custom detailing on your clock face.
Fuente sugerida: Keynote

18/11/2015 a las 17:09

Niagara Solid is slightly thicker
Fuente sugerida: Niagara Solid

19/11/2015 a las 01:56

Hi thank you for responding, I used Times New Roman and customized it and it looked perfect! Can you help me with the armstrong font please?

19/11/2015 a las 16:58

C'est dessiner ŕ la main.

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