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Please help!

06/08/2015 a las 01:29

I need to modify this baby shower invite I purchased on etsy. I thought I was buying the source files but it wasn't. I need to identify both fonts asap. Help is greatly appreciated.

Please help!

Fuentes identificadas

Carolyna Black  Sugerido por fonatica 
Bombshell  Sugerido por fonatica 
Cute Cartoon  Sugerido por fonatica 

Fuente sugerida

Janda Stylish Script  Sugerido por vikkipoe24 

06/08/2015 a las 01:39

Fuente identificada: Carolyna Black

06/08/2015 a las 01:41

Fuente identificada: Bombshell

06/08/2015 a las 01:42

Fuente identificada: Cute Cartoon

06/08/2015 a las 01:44

You're wonderful. Thank you

06/08/2015 a las 18:24

Script: This isn't the exact font but it has some similar aspects, if no one knows by the time you need it.
Fuente sugerida: Janda Stylish Script

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