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Information about Font creation software

21/07/2015 a las 12:11

Hello everyone!

I'm Geronimo. I make fonts. I'm an amateur and font creation is just a hobby to me.
I only use free programs to make them because I'm not willing to fork out 350 dollars for software.
That being said, does anybody know of any font creating programs that are free or super cheap that are capable of generating 'grunge' fonts?

21/07/2015 a las 14:47

Font creation softwares :
some are cheap, some are expensive, some are free.

every software can generate grunge fonts, as long as you draw grunge fonts.

22/07/2015 a las 10:34

quangngaicity ha dicho  
any font creating programs that are free or super cheap

$69, is it "super-cheap" for you ?

23/07/2015 a las 04:10

Guys this guy duplicated one of my posts for some weird reason
No idea who this quangngaicity guy is.

Original post-

23/07/2015 a las 09:16

LOL Thanks for that Geronimo

It happens from time to time, users like this usually come back later to add some spam to their posts, but when they do, they get banned

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