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Twincam 16Valve font?

27/10/2010 a las 23:19

Can you guys identify the font that form the TWINCAM 16VALVE decals? Thank you

Twincam 16Valve font?

Fuentes sugeridas

Earth  Sugerido por dfcrux 
Terminator Real NFI  Sugerido por deds 

28/10/2010 a las 03:08

looks to be "Earth" but you may need to edit or replace the "A" and "T."
Fuente sugerida: Earth

28/10/2010 a las 11:23

similar (without A, W & M slightly modified).
Fuente sugerida: Terminator Real NFI

28/10/2010 a las 12:11

Thank you. Using those two I think I'll be able to mimic the original
You've been great.

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