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One Direction Font ??

29/08/2011 a las 12:57

Anyone know this font ??

One Direction Font ??

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One Direction  Sugerido por Rockstarr4 

29/08/2011 a las 13:09

probably not a font. There is too much difference in the letters "E" & "O"

04/02/2012 a las 18:47

maybe first "e" is "e" and the second is "E" also "o" and "O"

Editado el 04/02/2012 a las 19:06 por mrdie00

17/02/2012 a las 18:17

Somebody made a TrueType Font!!

Also it's FREE!!
Fuente identificada: One Direction

17/02/2012 a las 19:31

It's not a font though haha.

01/04/2012 a las 05:23

The font is called One Direction, you can find it one here and it is a true font.. its just a difference in capitalization, let me know if you can find the font they used for their logo where the D has an arrow in it
Fuente sugerida: One Direction
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12/09/2012 a las 00:41

it is a real font. the font is called Housepaint
you're welcome

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