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"Brie Mode" logo please?

"Brie Mode" logo please?

Fuente sugerida

Herald Gothic  Sugerido por Minecraft Logan 

08/02/2015 a las 01:21

That looks like herald gothic
Fuente sugerida: Herald Gothic

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Thank you!

08/02/2015 a las 01:23

Your welcome!

08/02/2015 a las 01:25

Sorry mate, there is only 1 problem with the font.
you can't get it for free

It's okay.

08/02/2015 a las 01:33

Alright then. if you say so

08/02/2015 a las 13:33

This is the old NHL font as used by Vancouver, NY Rangers, Anaheim, Pittsburg, Boston and Dallas, a bit elongated. Is part of this collection:

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10/02/2015 a las 10:20

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