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Original Inside Out logo font?

11/12/2014 a las 05:08

Can you tell me what this font is for the original inside out logo? If you do, that would be great! Thanks!

Original Inside Out logo font?

Fuentes sugeridas

Gill Sans ExtraBold  Sugerido por moorem 
Intensa Fuente  Sugerido por Edumorcel Smash 
Cartonsix NC  Sugerido por moorem 

23/07/2015 a las 18:40

This isn't the font of the image, but is the font from the poster!
Fuente sugerida: Intensa Fuente

23/07/2015 a las 19:48

This is not the font you want however it is the font from the official movie poster.
Fuente sugerida: Cartonsix NC

Editado el 23/07/2015 a las 19:51 por moorem

23/07/2015 a las 19:53

Gill Sans Standard Extra Bold looks like it and Pixar commonly use this font.
Fuente sugerida: Gill Sans ExtraBold

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